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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Vol. 9. Issue 1/2 2018

Article 1: A validation of the determinants of saving behavior using Partial Least Square
By: Zahariah Mohd Zain, Marziah  Mokhtar, Arlinah Abdul Rashid, Azlin Shafinaz Arshad, Afiza Azura Arshad, Azitadoly Mohd Ariffin and Nurul Athirah Mohd Nawi, Malaysia

Article 2: The influence of the application of fully insured plans financing mechanisms on employee health services
By: Zeinyta Azra Haroen, and Usman Effendi, Indonesia, and Norzaidi Mohd Daud, Malaysia

Article 3: Transformational leadership, professionality and work discipline on the effect of organizational performance in Indonesian Shariah Banking
By: Usman Effendi, Zeinyta Azra Haroen, Indonesia, and Norzaidi Mohd Daud, Malaysia

Article 4: Evaluation of risk as conducive environment for earning manipulation and moderating role of corporate governance: Empirical study of listed Indian firms
By: Showkat Ahmad Busru, India

Article 5: Theoretical approaches to understand the behavior of Waqf Council in Malaysia
By: Dalila Daud, Malaysia

Monday, July 10, 2017

Vol. 8, Issue. 2, 2017

Article 1: Tax and revenue trends and implications in Malaysia
By: Juliana Mohd Abdul Kadir, Mohamed Aslam and Zarinah Yusof, Malaysia

Article 2: Making the private hospitals accountable in Malaysia: Complexity and compliance
By: Lee, Kwee-Heng, Raja Noriza Raja Ariffin, and Nik Rosnah Wan Abdullah, Malaysia

Article 3: Assessing Theory of Planned Behavior and Knowledge Sharing Behavior using Partial Least Square
By: Zaidi Mohd Aminuddin, Nini Hartini Asnawi and Ayu Rohaidah Ghazali, Malaysia

Article 4: Examining the antecedents of relational behaviors and their effect on knowledge sharing
By: Farah Syazreena Azmi and Norfadzilah Abdul Razak, Malaysia

Article 5: Investigating price control and anti-profiteering regulation: Tackling the GST pricing issue
By: Siaw Yan-Li, Malaysia

Article 6: The implementation of quality management in private and public hospitals in Iran
By: Marieh Akhavan Gooran and John Chandler, United Kingdom

Article 7: The relationship of effective communication and job performance among private television workers
By: Nurul Atiqah Mohd Azlan, Jalilah Jaafar Sidek, Raja Nadiah Raja Ahmad, Nurul Hanani Omar and Syahira Safuan Wong, Malaysia

Article 8: Street turn strategy: Road haulage perception toward it's implementation in Malaysia
By: Nur Farizan Tarudin, Rusalbiah Che Mamat, Azlin Abdul Latif, and Muhammad Izwan Mohd Badrillah, Malaysia

Article 9: Enhancing Islamic micro-finance accountability via community currency
By: Intan Salwani Mohamed, and Nabilah Rozzani, Malaysia

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Vol 8, Issue. 1, 2017

Article 1: The susceptibility of alternative book contents on University students' behavior
By: Nor Amira Mohamed Rozi dan Zulkifli Abd Latif, Malaysia

Article 2: Preparation on teaching and learning of digital textbook publication for form three assessment (PT3)
By: Siti Anis Aimi Ismail and Zulkifli Abd Latif, Malaysia

Article 3: The impact of e-book sales towards the conventional book production
By: Zidni Nuran Mohamed and Zulkifli Abd Latif, Malaysia

Article 4: The arrival and influence of pelangi cloth in Malaysia Peninsula
By: Mohd Azhar Samin, Malaysia

Article 5: Total design clothing for plus-size young adults
By: Norasliza Abu Bakar and Rosita Mohd Tajuddin, Malaysia

Article 6: Fraud Prevention Framework in Malaysia Local Authorities
By: Razif Rosli, Intan Salwani Mohamed, Nafsiah Mohamed

Monday, December 26, 2016

Vol. 7, Issue 3/4, 2016

Article 1: Malaysia's by-election and challenging media landscape: The tactics in manipulating voters mind
By: Sara Chinnasamy, and Muhamad Aqmal Anuar, Malaysia

Article 2: The mediation and political agenda influence of government owned print media towards the implementation of Government Service Tax (GST) system
By: Sara Chinnasamy and Maznira Razak, Malaysia

Article 3: Social media and democratization: A new form of democratic transition
By: Azizul Halim Yahya, Abdul Aziz Azizan, Jalilah Jaafar Sidek and Sara Chinnasamy, Malaysia

Article 4: Web journalism and its democracy in Malaysia: The perspective minority groups
By: Azizul Halim Yahya, Diyana Mohd Ashraf, Dayang Syahirah Abg Khalil, Sara Chinnasamy and Wan Norbani Wan Noordin, Malaysia

Article 5: Investigating the non-gendered recruitment characteristics of mining companies in Ghana: The role of sociocultural, psychosocial and organizational design factors
By: Haruna Kilu Rufai, Mohammed-Aminu Sanda and Maria Uden, Sweden

Article 6: Epistimological discussion about digital painting as new media art
By: Mumtaz Mukhtar, Malaysia

Article 7: 3D visualization sympathetic for the development process of architectural project
By: Norfadilah Kamaruddin, and Muhammad Aliff Azizan, Malaysia

Article 8: The nature of Malay songket textile patterns
By: Norwani Md Nawawi, Rafeah Legino, Arbaiyah Ab Aziz, Nani Hartina Ahmad and Noor Hafiza Ismail, Malaysia

Article 9: Revisiting legal framework for slope development and maintenance: A comparative study between Malaysia and Hong Kong
By: Siti Sarah Sulaiman, and Rasyikah Md Khalid, Malaysia

Article 10: Geometrical identification of traditional pucuk rebung characteristics design in Malaysia
By: Rafeah Legino, and Syazalia Ruslan, Malaysia

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Vol.7,Issue 2, 2016

Article 1: Information and communication technology (ICT) adoption and its implications on employee productivity: Empirical evidence from Nigeria
By: Nwekpa Kenneth and Ewans Chukwuma, Nigeria

Article 2: Equality or Justice? The position of labour law in Jordan, the UAE and England of discrimination against women in the light of the requirements of CEDAW
By: Firas, Kasassbeh, UAE

Article 3: Individual level approach to de-stress the stress
by: Jyotirmayee, Choudhury, India

Article 4: Qualitative based research approach for social science
By: Devika Nadarajah, Malaysia

Article 5: Influence factors of ridesharing services adoption in Kuala Lumpur
By: Razieman Mohd Yusof, Norminsham Abdul Karim and Azimah Daud, Malaysia

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Vol. 7, Issue 1, 2016, Special Issue (IT at Workplaces)

Article 1: Ordering System: GB Hotel
By: Nur Shuhaida Abd Rahim, Malaysia

Article 2: Remedy System at D Company
By: Nur Atiqah Shahbuddin, Malaysia

Article 3: Electronic Ordering System at MD
By: Nur Aqeela Saaid, Malaysia

Article 4: Great Pizza Service (GPS) Pizza Tracker
By: Nor Hidayah Abd Rahman, Malaysia

Article 5: Information System Project Implementation in DH Forwarding Co.
By: Nor Hafiza Omar, Malaysia

Article 6: Queue Management System (QMS) at S Specialist
By: Nik Wan Fatma Iylia Wan Abdul Kadir, Malaysia

Article 7: Paperless Working Paper in Baker Tilly
By: Muhammad Zariff Mohammad Pahmi, Malaysia

Vol. 6. No. 4, 2015 - Special Issues (IT in Workplaces)

Article 1: Restaurant Systems: Case study at BGS
By: Siti Muhaimin Abu Kassim, Malaysia

Article 2: Financial Management System: AA Academy
By: Shahrin Zikri Shahrizman, Malaysia

Article 3: Communication System between Offshore and Onshore Staff in SP
By: Rosfazeline Aziman, Malaysia

Article 4: Online Odering System: Mall Retail Department
By: Nurul Farhanah Hani Abd Halim, Malaysia

Article 5: Inventory System of S Restaurant
By: Nurul Atikah Mohd Salmy, Malaysia

Article 6: E-Borneo System at Institute of Language and Literature
By: Nur Syazwani Azmee, Malaysia

Article 7: AVAYA Call Management System in TM
By: Nur Syafiqah Abdul Kahar, Malaysia